The Inspiration Series

The Inspiration Series

A series of images & thoughts that capture what inspires me to create. A snapshot of what has shaped and inspired my journey.

The creative opportunity to share significant stories from my ancestors and heritage with others truly inspires me. As a young girl I grew up listening to my families stories, passed down from generations. The art of storytelling has kept my culture alive. Australia’s Aboriginal civilization is the oldest surviving culture in the world. I love the challenge of using traditional symbolism to bring meaningful stories to the canvas.

I am inspired by my family every day, by their determination, strength, and courage. My extended family is a large mob when we all gather together. I love belonging to such a large, close knit family. I was the eldest of 6 and always feel inspired and supported when I look to my loved ones. Family is incredibly important to me and they often influence themes within my artwork, such as belonging and connection.⁠

Growing up not far from the Hunter Valley has given me the opportunity to explore the beautiful Australian countryside. I have grown up visiting traditional sites, caves, and rock formations. I remember being fascinated by the deep grooves and textures on the rocks, the original canvas used by many Aboriginal people overtime. The textured engravings inspire me to recreate textured designs in my art. ⁠

I am inspired to capture the eye through vibrant colours and the mix of traditional and contemporary designs. I am always filled with anticipation when selecting the perfect bold and vibrant colour to begin the artwork and apply to a fresh, blank canvas. ⁠

Connecting and giving back to my local community inspires me to step outside of my artistic comfort zone day after day. I have found a home in the deep end, diving headfirst into exciting community projects, extravagant murals, and unique commissions. From painting life size rhinos, to totem poles, walls twice my height, police shields and even pregnant women belly casts. I never know what new opportunity lay ahead. Collaborating with others and bringing to life my artistic interpretation of their vision inspires me.

I have such a vivid memory of the first time I went to the Biami Cave on Wonaruah Country as a young girl. The traditional ochre painting of Biami (Creator) is found within a cave overlooking a beautiful valley as far as the eye can see. I feel inspired and connected to the creator every time I paint. To create is an ability I believe God has given us all, after all I believe we are made in the Creators image. I thank God for each new day that I can wake up and do what I love.⁠

Creation is all around us, yet sometimes life moves so fast, we forget to slow down and take it all in. What a beautiful world we live in, when I am lacking inspiration, my first thought is to take a walk by the lake or in the bush and to look up and enjoy the glorious artwork that is painted in the sky every dawn and dusk. The raw, unfiltered, unedited beauty found in nature inspires me in every one of my creations.⁠

I am inspired to create meaningful art that bridges a gap from one culture, person, and perspective to another. Art allows the viewer to ponder and interpret its meaning and gives everyone the chance to connect through their unique view of the world.⁠

The place that I call home are the stunning shores of Lake Macquarie and the breath taking country in the Hunter Valley. I find belonging and connection to this place and people. I have moved away over the years, but always found my way home. Similar in my paintings, I love to explore and experiment with different colours and designs, yet find myself always inspired to paint my home with deep blues, and earthy hues.

 DAY 10. Symbolism
In every piece that I create, one thing is consistent. My artwork is always inspired by traditional symbolism, to express a meaning, tell a story, or represent a place, theme, or person of importance. I thoroughly enjoy the design process before my brush even meets the canvas. This planning stage leaves me inspired to incorporate symbolism used by my ancestors.

We are all on a journey through life and what better to paint then what you know. I am always left feeling inspired when I channel experiences good and challenging into my work. I feel grateful for the opportunity to express my journey through artistic freedom.


For 12 days I will share a new image and thought. I would love to see what inspires you! Whether it is to paint, create, workout, work towards your goals, give back... Let’s light up our news feed with some inspiration. How to join in:⁠
• Share an image & thought on what inspires you.⁠
• Hashtag #sarettainspirationchallenge
• Tag me Saretta Art & Design I would love to see your post!

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