Framed Print Bantimita - Message Stick


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This design is symbolic of Aboriginal message sticks, depicted by the inscribed, interlaced message sticks across the artworks centre. At the top and bottom of the work we see country and dots showing the messengers journey in delivery of the message.
Message sticks were commonly used by our ancestors as one means of communicating between different Aboriginal tribes and nations. Messages were painted and inscribed on a stick, which was then transported by hand. One who carried the message stick was traditionally granted safe and protected entry to other nation's territory.

The messages inscribed on the stick (by painting, carving, burning etc) were primarily "prompts" for the messenger so that the message would be conveyed consistently to each different nation's elders. Typical messages would be announcements of ceremonies, disputes, invitations, warnings, meetings, events and happenings.

Medium:  Digital print framed