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Framed Print Konara - Clan


This artwork won first place at Max Employment 'Our Communities' National Indigenous Art Competition 2016 at NSW Parliament House.

Depicting family connection, community and relationship across the generations, this vibrant and highly texture work tells the story of coming together for corroboree. Gatherings that share sorry business, celebrations, song, dance and storytelling across extended family clan groups and community.

The large textured symbols, central to the work depict our Elders, held in the highest regard within our communities and central to all facets of community wellbeing. A strong pathway extends horizontally across the piece connecting Elders and communities, depicting the passing on of knowledge and wisdom to younger generations.

Interconnecting songlines woven within the work symbolise doing life together in extended community and highlighting unbreakable bonds that link us together across time and generations, connecting us as one proud people.

Medium:  Framed Digital print

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