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Pemulwuy – Building the future together


This captivating and innovative Artwork reflects the vision and spirit of the Aboriginal Housing Company’s exciting Pemulwuy Project.  Celebrating the people, the history and the journey of the block, the design tells the story of building a better future for the next generation and the creation of a sustainable, social, urban environmental development that is providing affordable housing for Aboriginal people. 

Central to the work we see a representation of buildings blocks, which are highly significant within the design and hold a threefold meaning.  These are symbolic of: Breathing new life into the land and building a better future for the next generation; a visual acknowledgement to the history of the block; and highlighting the multifaceted exciting redevelopment of the land.

On the left of the central design a pathway of stepping stones reflects leading the way in innovative urban housing for Aboriginal people, marking out milestones gained towards self-determination through a timeline of events leading upward.

Vertical unbroken lines within the work are depictive of cultural strength and the journey travelled by Aboriginal people from past, present, through to future generations.  This textured and layered design sits upon a backdrop of songlines symbolizing country, paying respect to the traditional custodians of the land and acknowledging all clan groups, communities, partnerships and stakeholders.

Undergirding the design, at the bottom left and right corners of the artwork are gathering circles made up of people symbols.  This design element places great emphasis on people, depicting Aboriginal people coming together in strength, as together we are stronger.  The full circles also represent coming a full circle for Aboriginal people from living on the block to the future of living within the innovative accommodation of the Pemulwuy Project.  The three people symbols within each circle reflect the projects threefold vision for a strong and healthy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Redfern with an emphasis on cultural values, spirituality and employment.

Medium:  Digital Image                   
Year:  2018

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