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As an Aboriginal women of the Wonaruah Nation I am passionate about each artwork, the story it brings and the sharing of my culture with others. 

Each piece across my product range comes from an original Aboriginal artwork and my labeling carries the Aboriginal name and interpretation, the story of the artwork and a little about myself as the Artist, which is intriguing to the viewer and invites them to savour, connect and learn about the rich and alive culture of Aboriginal Australia.  I love the challenge of conveying to others, through art, how I am influenced by people, life experiences and natures beauty and find this links people across cultures.


Reflective in style to many traditional engraved artworks found throughout the Hunter Region NSW and Wonaruah country, my artworks are connected to country in style and design through the use of a sand based medium.  The highly textured pieces embody the age old sandstone engraved artworks created by our ancestors and add a whole new dimension to the works.