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GrainCorp Train


Commissioned in 2011 by GrainCorp for their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP),Ya-Pung Malang tells the story of coming together to share the journey of reconciliation.

It highlights the history and strong connection between GrainCorp and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, while capturing a future of opportunity and commitment toward building trustful and enduring relationship around shared vision.


The artwork depicts GrainCorp’s footprint across the eastern states of Australia. This is shown by the ever-widening circles overlaid with the GrainCorp logo. The circles represent the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in those areas and, together with the logo, signify respectful relationships and working together.

From Queensland at the top right, to the operations located in northern, central and southern New South Wales directly below, then onto south-eastern and north-western Victoria at top left, the artwork captures how GrainCorp’s unique and extensive operations are interwoven through the communities in Australia’s eastern states.

The wide bright yellow vertical lines across the width of the artwork symbolise the growth and harvest of grains, while the wide blue pathway bordering the artwork represents the Pacific Ocean.

The orange and black lines interlinked with all areas of the painting have a two-fold meaning: firstly, they represent partnerships, linked by reconciliation, across the widespread communities of GrainCorp’s regional operations; secondly, they symbolise the pathways and movements of grain from country growing regions to ports on the coast.

In 2012 the Artwork was placed onto one of GrainCorp's train engines and below is a picture of the train with Nigel Hart, Group General Manager, GrainCorp Operations Limited and myself. The train travels throughout rural N.S.W.


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