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Ngaliinba Yapung – Shared Journey for Winc Australia


I am honoured to be worked with Winc Australia for this creative journey and as an artist enjoy the collaboration, when connecting directly with people and organisations to design and create culturally appropriate, respectful Aboriginal Artwork that acknowledges first nations people and celebrates community, collaboration and partnerships. 

Through visual design, vibrant colour palette and traditional story telling of symbolism in contemporary design, the artwork appeal will be widespread and invite the viewer to ponder and share in our unique and invaluable Indigenous culture.

Complimented by a multiskilled team, Saretta Art & Design Pty Ltd is equipped to delivery an excellent outcome across all aspects of the design and delivery of Fine Art public installations and can offer follow on services in graphic design and promotional requirements.

Our work ethic and philosophy are to operate and deliver excellence, with the creative journey only complete when deliverables meet the high expectation of our design team and are embraced and approved by our client.

STAGE 1 - Art Workshop

To present an Aboriginal Art Cultural Workshop to Winc staff that shares aboriginal art, storytelling and culture, alongside a specially designed component highlighting Winc’s story , Aboriginal community engagement and celebrating Winc commitment for Reconciliation in an Australia that brings and gives equal opportunities to everyone.

The workshop will culminate in the creation of an Aboriginal fine artwork mural telling the organisations story across stakeholders, vision, values, footprint upon country and relationship to communities. The artwork will celebrate and share culture, welcoming and inviting all to participate and connect with our nations unique and invaluable first Nations people.  

Workshop Overview

  • Identity & Culture
  • Aboriginal Community & Art
  • Traditional & Contemporary Aboriginal Art
  • Aboriginal Art & Story Telling
  • Telling our Story Creating our visual story using Aboriginal symbolism – Individual Activity (produce an artwork)
  • Group development of Winc fine artwork.

During the workshop participants will put into practise the gained knowledge of storytelling through Aboriginal symbolism and art techniques, designing and painting their own artwork story.  Design elements from artwork story element, staff collaboration and the organisations story will be developed into a design to be created into Winc fine artwork mural.

STAGE 2 - Fine Artwork Mural Inclusions

Uniquely design and created this highly textured Aboriginal fine artwork in sandstone engravings is reflective of traditional sand engravings seen across much of Australia.  The artwork storyline will present Winc story across stakeholders, vision, values, footprint upon country and relationship to communities, celebrating share vision, collaboration and welcoming all.

The design will highlight a sound commitment to a reconciled Australia, and to building an organisation that integrates awareness and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culture into winc’s business practices.

Ngaliinba Yapung – Shared Journey

Size: 2400 x 2000 mm  Date: September 2019

Ngaliinba Yapung shares the story of Winc, celebrating the Winc community across Australia, the journey of reconciliation and the spirit of the Winc family.

The central gathering circle within the artwork design depicts Winc and the Winc community across Australia as one team in unity. Within this imagery, two connected people symbols are reflective of partnerships, collaboration and working together around shared vision.

This imagery also depicts Winc's strong connections to suppliers and customers and the belief that ‘we are better together’. 

The central imagery highlights the Melbourne Winc office footprint on country upon the Kulin Nation. This, along with the gathering circles, depicts Winc’s national footprint.

The engraved waterhole symbolisms within the central gathering circle highlight Winc’s four values:

Action: We are orientated to getting things done.

Adaptability: We are constantly responding to our changing world.

Care: We go beyond the expected.

Team: We believe we are better together.

The three engraved gathering circles across the top of the central image represent Winc’s commitment to reconciliation in three key areas: economic development through supplier diversity, education, and employment outcomes.

The five gathering circles encompassing the central imagery are reflective of all Aboriginal tribal groups across our nation and Winc’s footprint on country. These circles also represent Winc’s five key business areas of Government, Industrial, Education, Professional Services and Care.  Connected people symbols within each circle capture Winc’s focus on people, integrity, trust, respect and being team players.   

The flowing and curving upwards movement winding across the canvas is imagery reflective of the Yarra River. This symbolism also highlights the journey and growth of Winc in Australia - acknowledging the past, embracing the present and moving into the future.

The artwork backdrop across the base of the canvas depicts songlines of country, including the flat lands of Melbourne and the surrounding Dandenong Ranges. Eucalyptus trees depicted along the Yarra are reflective of sustainability and caring for country, while a single stripe of vertical lines directly beneath depict the djeri grub, which is found in or near the tree.  The Yarra pathway curves into a large U shape around the central gathering circle representing the Port of Melbourne within the design.

Together, this significant symbolism pays respect and brings an acknowledgment to the traditional custodians of the land - The Kulin Nation.  It highlights Ngaliinba Yapung, a shared journey both locally and across the nation through respect, relationship and opportunities.

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