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Kolang Maroong Mankan - Toward Good Place


Kolang Maroong Mankan, meaning ‘toward good place’ reflects Community Sector Banking’s vision to help create change for a ‘better world’ and a ‘brighter future’ for allThe work shares Community Sector Banking’s 14-year journey thus far, highlighting their vision to strengthen not for profits in delivering social change, community wellbeing and their impacting commitment to reconciliation.

At the very centre of the work we see an expanding gathering circle radiating outward encompassing communities across Australia.  Upon this Community Sector Banking’s logo, reflective of people, environment and housing is depicted using traditional people symbols reflective of respectful relationships, collaboration and working together toward shared vision alongside community.

Encircling the logo is a further 6 people symbols which highlight Community Sector Banking’s 6 Key value areas:

  • Honesty, transparency and integrity
  • Passion, creativity and perseverance
  • Collaboration and measurable social impact
  • Economic and environmental sustainability
  • Recognition of effort and fair treatment
  • Diversity and equal opportunity.

Songlines, depicting country and Aboriginal people, continue to flow outward and surround the outer edge of the work upon which nine meetings circles sit. As a collective these meeting circles represent the Aboriginal Nations and tribal clan groups across country, are reflective of Community Sector Banking’s national footprint and their work with and for our communities.

The 9 meeting circles are represented in three groups of three circles.  Each group a different colour and holding a threefold meaning within the artwork story:

  • The three teal coloured circles represent Community Sector Banking business relating to Real solutions, Real Impact and Real Partnerships, alongside tailored banking products delivered with your organisation’s unique needs and goals in mind.
  • The three orange circles highlight Community Sector Banking’s Vision for Reconciliation to help create a more Just, Equitable and Reconciled Australia and
  • The three-dark earth toned circles highlight the three key elements of reconciliation action plans being Relationships, respect and opportunities.

      Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas and Graphic Design
      Year: 2017

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