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Konara - Clan series 6


This artwork won Highly Commended at Weston Art Prize 2016 and second place at Singleton Art Prize 2016 both in the Indigenous section.

This piece tells the story of coming together as a family across the generations and extended family clan groups, a gathering of people, Elders, fathers, mothers and children at a family event or celebration.  The five main textured symbols in the centre depict the Elders who are held in high regard by all and giving priority at all gatherers.

Size:   900 x 900 mm

Date:   July 2016

Medium: Mixed medium on premium stretched canvas with hanging hooks and wire.

I enjoy providing an opportunity to communicate with you personally on artworks of interests and their significance and story. You can chat to me direct by clicking on the blue message us button on the lower right of the screen. My hope and vision for my online Gallery is to connect with each prospective buyer, allowing for interchange and sharing around your individual art needs, as would occur in a gallery or exhibition. 

Reflective in style to many traditional engraved artworks found throughout the Hunter Region and Wonaruah country, my artworks are connected to country in style and design through the use of a sand based medium.  The highly textured pieces embody the age old sandstone engraved artworks created by our ancestors and add a whole new dimension to the works.

It is an honour to have my artwork integrated into your living or work space and I am available to you to ensure the acquisition of my works is a gratifying and pleasurable experience.

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