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Bridges Hill Park Commission

It has been an honour to be engaged by Cessnock City Council to bring community influenced designs, celebrating Wonnarua culture, country and stories to the Bridges Hill Park Playground. Please feel free to click on the photos to see the full presentation.

Wonnarua Welcome Panel

This panel brings a welcome to all to Wonnarua country and shares the story of traditional owners, as the people of the hills and plains, depicted in the flowing imagery across the bottom of the design.

The top of the panel reflects Mount Yengo, the flat top mountain where Biami stepped down during creation, while the totem of the Wonnarua people, the wedgetail eagle is shown within this songline.

Three gathering circles connected by journey pathways and surrounded by people and Elders symbols highlight coming together in celebration and families gathering at Bridges Hill Park to enjoy the facilities.


Totem Pole designs share stories of the Wonnarua people:

The smallest pole displays gathering circles, highlighting celebration and coming together, usually alongside water that provided an abundance of food and resources. This is depicted by the middens, discarded shell metres deep formed around waterways over many years, within the design.

The medium totem pole brings imagery of animal prints and bush tucker, while the third pole highlights community connection.


Koyiyang Campfire

This sculpture is representative of a campfire with the metal cut out imagery and the shape of the legs reflecting the flames of a fire.  The colour palette used in the inner part of the sculpture is reflective of the warmth a fire provides to those who gather around. 

People symbols shaped like a U, depicted around the bottom of the design highlights people coming together around the camp fire.

This imagery also reflects the cultural importance of the fire and its central place for daily life in traditional times and our community today, as we often enjoy connecting and gathering around the campfire in it’s many forms.

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