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Bulbul Turool – Heart to Heal for Dr Kelvin Kong

Bulbul Turool – Heart to Heal

This artwork reflects Dr Kelvin Kong’s and his invaluable work in Pediatric & Adult Otolaryngology.  It celebrates his cultural heritage and footprint upon country across the Hunter with emphasis on his clan the Worimi.

The main image of the kangaroo ‘mowane’ and joey with vibrant markings on the ear, nose and throat are reflective of Dr Kongs work with both adults and paediatric in the are of ENT health.  These look toward a central meeting circle, highlighting the gathering of people to seek medical assistance.  The kangaroo’s sit upon a hill, which is reflective of Dr Kongs country through depicting the opening into Port Stephen harbour. Tomaree to the south (meaning rainbow) and to the right of the canvas a hilly rise in the flowing songlines across the top of the work depicts Yacaaba, the harbours headland to the north.  Under the headlands we see imagery symbolic of middens, discarded shell fish from many years of feasting around the waterways of the area, while the large flat top mountain across the bottom of the work highlights Mount Yengo, the Uluru of the East, a significant place to all tribal clan groups in the region, as the dreamtime story is said to be where God stepped down during creation.

Concept Overview:

The design and creation of an Aboriginal Artwork reflecting Dr Kelvin Kong’s work in ENT and his footprint upon country across the Hunter.

Through visual design, vibrant colour palette and traditional story telling of Aboriginal symbolism in contemporary design, the artwork appeal will be widespread and able to be used across all communication channels.


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