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Canvas Print - Nukang Malang - Women Together series 2

This artwork depicting a journey trail, leading to a gathering of women working together, honoring our women and acknowledges their role as gatherers, not only the traditional gathering of food from small hunted animals, fruits, berries and other plants, but in their invaluable role as nurturers and leaders, gathering and caring for family, as grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters.

Original date: July 2020


Available in 5 sizes, the canvas frames are made of kiln-dried wood to a depth of 3cm. These high-quality frames have a raised lip along their edges that prevents indentations from appearing on the canvas prints.

The high quality canvases are made from matte cotton and their GSM count is 360. In order to protect your canvas photo prints, we seal them with a coating that makes them resistant to ultraviolet light, dust and water.

Canvases are made to order and take 10-15 business days for delivery.


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