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Catholic Schools

 Catholic Schools


Punaal Ponte-Boone Biamie - Spirit of Sun, Moon, Creator

This highly textured sand engraved artwork shares the story of our spirit creator - Biamie.  The creator of all things and the bringer of light, both spiritually and through the creation of the Ponte-Boone (moon) and Punaal (the sun).  Gathering circles interwoven within the design represent the sun and moon, while celebrating the Catholic Schools community and Aboriginal people groups across NSW, welcoming all to share in our rich and invaluable cultural heritage.

Pathways flowing across the canvas depict the valuable journey of education, reflective of the Catholic Schools Office.  Pathways, together with the gathering circles are reflective of coming together for the 2019 NSW Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education Conference and highlights the events footprint on country, across the lands of the Wonnarua and Awabakal peoples.

The lands of the Wonnarua and Awabakal peoples of the hills and plains are depicted within the artwork through engraved songlines that highlight country - blue’s reflective of our many waterways from ocean to wetlands and earthy tones connecting to our diverse and majestic landscapes.  This imagery is intertwined with white as an acknowledgment of Biamie’s spirit presence as we gather to celebrate together.

Concept Overview

The design and creation of an Aboriginal Artwork sharing the spiritual story of Biami and the Sun and Moon. The artwork will reflect both Catholic Schools and the Conference footprint upon country across the Awabakal and Wanaruah Nation, sharing the special connection of community and Aboriginal peoples in the Hunter.

Through visual design, vibrant colour palette and traditional story telling of Aboriginal symbolism in contemporary design, the artwork appeal will be widespread and able to be used across all communication channels.


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