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Kunta Malang Place Together

This vibrant and textured artwork tells the story of the Wallumedegal people. Wallumedegal territory followed the north bank of the Parramatta River from Turrumburra (Land Cove River) and was a rich environment of river flats, creeks and mangrove swamps.

These intricate waterways are portrayed within the work as a central waterway interwoven across the canvas. Within the waters we see the Wallumai, meaning snapper fish, the totem of the Wallumedegal people, known as the snapper fish clan. On either side of the river the work expands into varied and layered textures, reflective of the expansive and varied landscape surrounding the riverbank, interwoven with song lines the artwork highlights Aboriginal walking trails, pilgrimage and trade routes of the area.

Interlinked throughout the landscape are 29 meeting circles, representing the 29 clan groups of the Eora Nation, of which the Wallumedegal belong.

‘Place Together’ acknowledges traditional owners of country, while embracing the journey forward together, through shared Vision and respectful relationships.

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