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Emowamba Konara Yarn – My Clan Story

This sand engraved textured artwork shares the story of Dean.  Celebrating his journey from childhood to today, surrounded by family, friends and community.

The story begins at the top left of the canvas where elder symbols connect, depicting Deans parents, while directly below he and his three brothers are represented by people symbols, each with a spear.  This imagery sits upon songlines of the blue mountains flowing horizontally across the canvas, highlighting those early years of growing up in this majestic area.

Blue pathways move downward, linking to a large central gathering circle.  The path is reflective of Deans journey, meeting Kristin as schoolyard sweethearts and their path together towards marriage and creating their own family, who are highlighted within the central gathering circle.  Dean at the top in blue and Kristin facing him in amethyst, with a circle alongside her, representing a coolamon, use by women to gather bush tucker.  Their four children create a circle with their parents, reflective of infinite love and connection, while Deans beloved dog is close by, depicted by his dog paw print within the work.

The pathway is depicted in soft yellow and continues onward across the entire canvas.  This is highly significant as the yellow woven within the pathway commences with Deans Father symbol, in honour and memory of Deans beloved dad.  The ongoing yellow pathway acknowledges past, present and future generations and the valuable influence Dean’s dad as well as each family member brings.

A wide curving path runs horizontally across the centre of the artwork, upon which intertwined people symbols reflective of celebration, dance and corroboree flow through the central family gathering circle,  depicting Dean’s family, friends and community doing life together, inclusive of group holidays away and involvement in community and sport, especially football and nippers. 

Stretching across the bottom of the design we see the flat top mountain of Mount Yengo. Uluru of the East and highly significant to Aboriginal people of the Hunter.  Yengo sits upon water imagery representative of the coast, were Dean, Kristin and family have lived for many years.  Interwoven within the water we see shell middens found around our waterways, while imagery depicting country within the work relates to the beautiful landscapes experience by Dean and family throughout the years of travel and exploring together.  Traditional symbolism of the sun at top right reflects our sunburnt country and beach lifestyle.

Emowamba Konara Yarn celebrates Deans love for family and friends and the love that surrounds him, now and into the future.

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