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Hunter Health Wallsend, Kolang Bangai -Towards Today

This artwork shares the journey across time from traditional times through to today.  It celebrates community and working together from past, the present and into the future, as we build on the knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation.

Central to the artwork a large gathering circle encircled with people symbols highlights community and the interconnected relationships we share as we do life together.  People symbols and stepping stones flowing across the design show moving forward over time, with engraved message stick imagery forever increasing from the left to right of the canvas, symbolic of our continuing to increase in knowledge throughout history and working together to create a better future for our children and future generations to come.

The wedgetail eagle, totem of the Awabakal people is highlighted within the artwork and brings an acknowledgement of their role as traditional custodians of the land and pays respect to

Elders past, present and emerging.  Blue interlaced waves run horizontally on the top and bottom of the design and are reflective of the Land of Awabakal, from the East Coast, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter River, while the flowing orange pathways depicts country and the Awabakal people, as the people of the hills and plains.

Size: 750 x 1000, 1520 x 1000, 750 x 1000 mm

Date: March 2022

Medium: Mixed medium

I enjoy providing an opportunity to communicate with you personally on artworks of interests and their significance and story.  My hope and vision for my online Gallery is to connect with each prospective buyer, allowing for interchange and sharing around your individual art needs, as would occur in a gallery or exhibition.  It is an honour to have my artwork integrated into your living or work space and I am available to you to ensure the acquisitions of my works is a gratifying and pleasurable experience.

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