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The artwork tells the story of families (konara) and children (bobong) from across our region coming together (malang) in partnership and connection with maternity out patience as women (nukang) move through their pregnancy journey. The eight circles flowing down the right of the mural (8 signifying ‘New Beginnings’) are traditional symbols for women meeting together.

The main image on the right of the mural depicts a wonderful traditional place within the Hunter. This site is a picture of beauty and harmony and also where woman, along with families come together. The many bush flowers and flowering trees found in abundance at this peaceful and happy place signify Hope and Life, mirroring the expectancy and joy of pregnancy. A lovely creek bed, home to a multitude of wildlife weaves through the site and this is portrayed by the water way and bowan (wetland birds).

The open arms of the tree extend out to embrace the communities, as it turns into the colourful and vibrant rainbow serpent, which is culturally associated with fertility and abundance, as well as the organisation of the community and the keeping of peace.

The blue ribbon surrounding the snake on the left of the mural symbolises the beautiful country in which we live, as it depicts both the East Coast and the Hunter River. The five circles to the left of the mural represent (Yarnteen) all the Aboriginal communities across the Hunter with particular reference to 5 significant groups including: Wonaruah, Worimi, Awabakal, Mindaribba and Karuah. The expanding rings of these circles represent family’s growth and future generations.

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