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Ngarrama Naru - Teach Together

The five circles flowing upwards on the artwork represents teachers working together to educate our young.

Building blocks on either side on the artwork represents cultural knowledge, strength and building upon this from the present through to the future generations. The layer upon layer of irregular shaped speaks of increased ability, and the continual growth of each new generation, as they stand on the platform of knowledge, understanding and wisdom of our teachers.

Together this artwork applauds sharing knowledge and working together around shared vision, in building a better future for our children.

    Size: 300(w) x 250(h) mm

    Medium: Mixed medium on premium stretched canvas with hanging hooks and wire.

    Year: December 2021

    I enjoy providing an opportunity to communicate with you personally on artworks of interests and their significance and story.  My hope and vision for my online Gallery is to connect with each prospective buyer, allowing for interchange and sharing around your individual art needs, as would occur in a gallery or exhibition.  It is an honour to have my artwork integrated into your living or work space and I am available to you to ensure the acquisitions of my works is a gratifying and pleasurable experience.

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