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NSWICC - Witma Konara Malang

The design and recreation of an Aboriginal Artwork Witma Konara Malang into a digital file package.

Through visual design, vibrant colour palette and traditional story telling of Aboriginal symbolism in contemporary design, the artwork appeal will be wide spread and able to be used on a wide variety of elements including, but not exclusive to:  Office privacy screens, Acknowledgment message on electronic communications, NSWICC collateral eg. Annual Reports, brochures and other printed and electronic material produced by NSWICC.

Witma Konara Malang

This artwork shares the story of New South Wales Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (NSWICC) and their vision to see Aboriginal Entrepreneurship as an important pillar in a strong New South Wales Economy.

Central to the work we see the Indigenous Business Chamber logo, the Wedge Tail Eagle representative of strength and vision. Directly beneath the eagle sits the three gathering circles, depicting the organisations mission to fuel a culturally rich and economic prosperous NSW across three areas:

  1. Establishing collaborative and reciprocal relationships;
  2. Accelerating Aboriginal entrepreneurs and enterprising communities;
  3. Informing policy and supporting regulated actions.

Six smaller gathering circles interwoven across country represent the NSWICC values being: Leadership, Respect, Relevance, Reciprocity, Advocacy and Sustainability. Traditional symbols sit along a bright orange pathway which is reflective of the organisations journey in coming alongside Indigenous businesses across the State and in celebrating the many success’s ICC has supported since its inception.

Encompassing the central artwork story is a broad pathway made up of individual message stick imagery illustrating the many unique Indigenous business stories across NSW. This imagery also depicts a timeline that flows from traditional trade practiced within Aboriginal cultural to todays journey into economic inclusion through the work of the chamber. Thicker engraved message sticks upon this path depicts milestones made throughout our collaborative journey. Upon this pathway are four large gathering circles which represent all Aboriginal communities of NSW, while highlighting the four stakeholders contributing to a NSW’s that embraces its rich Aboriginal history and culture. These being Indigenous Businesses, Aboriginal Entrepreneur, Government and Corporate Australia.

 The artwork is set upon a backdrop of songlines depicting the beautiful and diverse country of our State from the East Coast shown in blue across the top of the work to our many rivers, wetlands and waterways highlighted in the blue flowing path encompassing the works central imagery. Earthy tones across the bottom of the artwork reflecting Central NSW and the mountains, valleys and plains of our state are illustrated through two orange horizontal pathway within the work.

Witma Konara Malang celebrates NSWICC, our Peak Body and Voice for NSW Aboriginal Business and the invaluable role they play through nurturing, enabling, accelerating and mentoring Aboriginal Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Aboriginal Communities.

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