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Greeting Card - Paramaibaan Platypus

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Many years ago there was a group of Australian animals arguing about who was the most unique. None of the animals could decide which group platypus belonged because she was so different.  Platypus helped the other animals realise they were all unique and should be friends.  After a short silence all the animals cheered.

Receiving a gift is great, but giving a gift is just as good, if not better! It's the thought that counts.

So what better way to express your gift giving sentiments than a beautiful art card! Featuring designs by Saretta, including matching designs to the Totem Animals Series cushion cover range.

We have a range of greeting cards that will finish off your gift! Whether it's a birthday, wedding present or even a gift to take overseas these cards will be the finishing touch!

Cards are blank on the inside and feature details about the artwork & full story on the back of the card.

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