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Accenture - Mariyang Yapung (Onward Path)

This artwork shares the story of the Accenture community and their commitment for reconciliation in Australia .  The imagery brings a welcome to all in the acknowledgment of traditional custodians across our Nation.

Central to the design, three blue interconnected gathering circles hold a threefold meaning: 

  • They highlight reconciliations core values of Relationship, Respect and Opportunities;
  • Recognises our past, embraces the present and looks to the future, as we move forward together within a changing world.
  • The ongoing expanding gathering circles also highlight Accenture's global connection.

Blue pathways weave alongside either side of the gathering circles, reflective of Accenture's digital pathway program and depicting the journey forward together around shared vision for reconciliation.   This imagery is overlaid with orange traditional symbols for people and Elders, highlighting partnerships, collaboration, community engagement and inclusion for all.  Six purple people symbols follow the pathway representative of opportunities provided through Accenture’s RAP commitment and highlighting Accenture’s 6 core values of client value creation, one global network, respect for the individual, best people, integrity and stewardship. 

The bottom left of the canvas presents traditional symbolism that is reflective of school to work, education and skills development depicted through Elders passing on of knowledge, while the gathering circles to the right of the canvas represents teamwork, with the six people symbols highlighting Accenture’s 360-degree values of Custom, Financial, Experience, Sustainability, Talent and Inclusion and Diversity.

The artwork backdrop brings imagery which holds both contemporary and traditional meaning, representing both fibre optic’s and advancing technology, while reflective of the traditional message stick which would be carried across country with the bearer given right of passage.  This imagery highlights Accenture message to help create intelligent and thriving businesses, governments and communities and to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. It represents Accenture footprint on country with the many engraved circles highlighting all Indigenous tribal groups across Australia and if reflective of the vision to build for change as they rise across the artwork.

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