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Bonnells Bay Public School - Tiddalick

The design and creation of 2 digital artwork signages depicting the cultural stories and country of the Awabakal people and reflect the Tidalick story and Rainbow serpent. 


Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in the Dreaming there was a greedy frog called Tiddalick. Tiddalick wanted to be the biggest frog in all the land. One very hot day Tiddalick was very thirsty so he began to drink and drink and drink until the whole billabong was all dried up. When all the other animals came to the billabong to drink there was no water. They knew it was the greedy frog who drank all the water. They were very angry at him. If the animals wanted to get all the water out of Tiddalick and back into the billabong they would have to make Tiddalick laugh until all the water came out. The echidna tried to make him laugh by rolling down the hill into the dried up billabong but Tiddalick didn't laugh. Kangaroo was resting under the gum tree, he jumped and hoped and jumped, but Tiddalick still didn't laugh! Turtle started dancing but Tiddalick still didn't laugh! None of the animals knew what to and they were still very thirsty. When the platypus was dancing he tied himself into a big knot, Tiddalick could not stop laughing at the platypus. He laughed so much that all the water came out and ran back into the billabong. From that day on Tiddalick was never greedy and only drank what he needed.

This artwork are available to purchase for your school. Contact us for further information.

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