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Awabakal Now

Scope of Work: Research, design and create a tri-tech Aboriginal fine artwork telling the story of Awabakal Ltd through a visual story line that flows chronologically across the space in celebrating of Awabakal's 40th year of operations. Produced as vibrant and highly texture interactive artworks that engage with viewers through visual design, colour palette and Aboriginal story telling in traditional symbolism the artwork followed 3 key themes:

Traditional Times - Vision and Development of the Organisation  - Awabakal Today.

Fine artwork was reproduced as a digital image for use across a broad spectrum of mediums including:

  • Canvas prints Celebration gifts, being Women's Kaftans and Men's Ties NAIDOC Promotion Merchandise
  • Printed Collateral Décor for 40 years dinner at West Leagues Club Acrylic Story Board 

Original Artworks are on permanent display in the Awabakal Ltd boardroom.

Artwork Size: 1020 x 1020 mm x 3               

Artwork Story:

This tri-tech artworks tells the story of the Awabakal people from traditional times through to Awabakal Ltd today, highlighting the journey taken by many over the last 40 years, towards building our organisation. 

The central area of the artworks displays a pathway that carries the story of Awabakal, our peoples and community across the three canvases:  The first canvas in the series is reflective of the traditional life of the Awabakal people.  Moving onto the second canvas the artwork `displays the very beginnings of Awabakal Ltd and the gather together of community in family homes to discuss the need to support our community.  The third canvas is a visual representation of Awabakal today.  At the Centre is the circle symbol for Awabakal Ltd, highlighting dedication to advancing the wellbeing of our community and leading the way. Across the very top of all of the artwork we see a visual timeline of this journey through history. Interwoven within the timeline are thick message stick markers, indicative of the milestones reach.

Highlighted within the artwork is the country upon which Awabakal services operated comprising of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and the Hunter region.  This is depicted through water symbolism traveling along the bottom of each work reflective of the East Coast, Hunter River, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens major waterways and in the rolling countryside symbolism sitting above the water, which highlights the mountains, valleys and plains.     

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas                            

Year: 2017

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