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Bulbul Konara – Heart for Community Elsie Randall

Bulbul Konara shares the story of working together as a community with a shared vision to care for others and go forward together.

It shares the story of Elsie Randall and her heart for community through the work she does to support many through Justiz and her passion for people, which is reflected within the inclusive, family connected programs offered to all.

The Central gathering circle highlights the Justiz community, collaboration and teamwork, while the people symbols within the design flow upward depicting the journey forward to enjoy holistic healthy lives within the Justiz family. Four smaller gather circles acknowledge all Aboriginal tribal groups and the wider community, bringing a welcome to all to come and participate in the opportunities provided. Two people symbols link, showing the heart of coming alongside others, while the goanna is the totem of Elsie’s tribal group, the Yaegl people.

The artwork backdrop is reflective of songlines on country across waterways, the East Coast and the hills, plains, mountains and valleys we see across out diverse landscapes from the land of Awabakal to Yaegl, Elsie’s Bulbul Konara leads many towards reconciliation and building better futures for everyone.

Size: 1500 x 500 mm

Date:   February 2022

Medium: Mixed medium on canvas.

As an artist, I enjoy the creative journey of collaboration experienced when connecting directly with people, to create personalised artwork. I welcome opportunity to create commissioned artworks for individuals, groups or professional organisations.  My goal in accepting commission is for the process to be both gratifying for me, as an artist and pleasurable for those who have decided to integrate my art into their living or working environment.

I invite you to view my past works, current collections and view testimonials to gain an insight into who I am as a person and an artist. Let’s see how we might work together to create a uniquely individual artwork for your home or office.


I am happy to discuss your requirements and answer question relating to your project as you consider commissioning me to bring your artwork vision to reality.

Should you wish to provide me with an image of your space(s) and some ideas and concepts you are working with, it would be my pleasure to provide you with an initial design concept and quotation.

I have had the pleasure of working with various organisations and individuals to create uniquely linked personal artwork, meeting specific requirements and telling stories through contemporary art and design.


    Commissioning an artwork is an exciting and collaborative process with time invested in obtaining a thorough brief to ensure your vision is realised. I have wide-ranging experience in creating site-specific artwork for both residential and commercial spaces.

    When pricing my artwork I factor in the dimensions of the work, the costs of the material to be used and the labour intercity of the techniques and processes that will be employed in creating your work.

    Once a decision is made to move forward with a design a 25% deposit is required to enable us to proceed.

    Please contact me should you wish to discuss your project

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